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Feeling sad and lonely tonight. I suspect this is partly related to my sleep patterns recently.

Still waiting to hear back from a job application, and waiting to be sent an application form for another position.
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I really don't understand relationships

I went to a Ceroc dance party tonight, and had a lot of fun.

While there I chatted a little with M who was a tad drunk; apparently her partner had told her she couldn't go out tonight, and then changed his mind. She also can't afford to come to Ceroc classes because her partner thinks his smoking is a much more sensible use of money.

I seriously don't understand why people put up with that kind of crap.

Perhaps that goes some way towards explaining why I'm single.

It certainly doesn't explain why I don't want to be.
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Spending four hours dancing then walking home is apparently enough to tire me out. Who'd 'a thunk it?
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It probably says something that I got dumped last night and am only a little annoyed and slightly down about it.

I got the job application submitted, so that's a positive step. Annoyingly I missed a dance evening to get that done, but *shrug*.

Life has had a number of positive aspects lately, including at least one which I'm not going to talk about yet, plus some more practice driving.
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Life not sucking

At the moment my life isn't sucking. I look forward to this continuing.

I'd have liked to make it to Christchurch for the Perversion party, but I suck at doing things like being organized.

I'm again making progress with learning to drive, and hope to be ready to try taking a driving test in a couple of months. I'm not going to put any bets on that, though.

The internet at the complex I'm living in is apparently on a 10G data cap. Predictably it lasted less than a week again this month. Ugh.

I have a job application to work on in the next day or so. With luck I might be gainfully employed soon. Odds are against it, but it could happen.

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People will be glad to know that I've largely recovered my emotional equilibrium, albeit at a slightly lower level than I'd like. I think I've mostly finished angsting and feeling sorry for myself on here for the moment (but isn't that what livejournal is for, after all?).

I'm vaguely looking for work outside of Dunedin, although I'd still prefer to stay in the city if possible.

Dancing was fun on Wednesday, and it was nice to get back after months away from it. I think I'll try in future to avoid letting a relationship get in the way of dancing. Ran into a lot of familiar faces, and quite a few new ones. It's always nice when people seem pleased to see me :-)

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I've been sleeping a lot lately, but I'm starting to feel better about life.

All I need to do now is find a job, and I might start actually feeling good about myself...
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I'm a little self-absorbed at the moment. Yes, there's been a natural disaster about 300km north of me, but apparently everyone I know up there is ok and coping well. I am glad about that, but I'm still being quite pathetic.

I spent the evening with some friends, watching a show on dvd called "Bob and Rose", starring Alan Davies. It was interesting, and I might even try to watch the rest of the series. Although my recent track record with keeping up with tv series is fairly abysmal - I just haven't been feeling like watching anything with any sort of major ongoing plot, despite having a pile of it sitting around unwatched.

Gah. I'm hoping to be a little less pathetic next week. I intend to try being social, which is just something that I haven't been managing for the last month or two.

I miss not being alone.

I miss her.
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I can't seem to move on, and I'm not even sure I really want to yet. I'm a mass of insecurities, and I'm no use to myself, let alone anyone else.

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I finally got myself moved out of the old flat. Pretty much all of my stuff is now at my new flat, and I think I need to start getting rid of some of it. I have too much random junk and old gear that needs to be re-homed. For example, I have maybe twenty metres of 50 ohm co-axial cable which I haven't used in more than five years.

My room is filled to capacity with boxes, and I haven't even put my bed together yet. That will be a job for tomorrow night, I think. And then I'll see what it's like to sleep there.

The new place is in Mornington, and is maybe ten minutes walk from the old flat. It's also about that from my previous flat too. I haven't met the other people in the complex yet, so I don't really know who I'm sharing a kitchen and facilities with, but I'm remaining relatively optimistic - they're probably not all complete arseholes ;-)